The 5th wheel is home

I finally brought home the fifth wheel RV that I traded my Class C for, the arrival has been delayed for some time due to complications with the water heater and me. When the unit was being checked out by the dealer it was found that the water heater had a crack in it and needed to be removed and welded. The welding shop took a long time to get to welding the tank. Then I ended up with a medical problem that took up better part of a week.

So now the unit is parked by my house and I have been checking it out. I have also slept in it for a few nights, too. Everything seems to work. The increased space is very nice. I had no problem towing it home. I did have a bit of a problem backing this big thing into the space next to the house. A neighbor came by and guided me and that helped a great deal. The water intake system seems a bit complicated to me however I did get it to work. The water heater works well. The refrigerator works well also, I haven’t tried the stove yet, I will try that later, it should work. The oven looks like it has never been on.

I will post more photos later.


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