Farm sale

Things seem to be moving along in the sale of the farm. I got a call from the Real Estate Agent today and it seems the buyers have a person who wants to close on their place in less than thirty days.
That could mean that all of a sudden there will be a rush here to sell all my stuff and clear out. Wow, that could mean I would be involved in some hectic decision making here shortly.

Further more they wanted to know what I wanted for the equipment like the tractor and beds. I made a list of the stuff I am selling and I am giving it to the Real Estate Agent to fax to them. Anthing they don’t buy will be sold at auction here at the farm. All this stuff has to go one way or another can’t take it with me.

I also have to get the fifth wheel moved here, when the auction happens I won’t have any furniture left and will have to live in the RV until the closing and then hit the road to ???


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