More Photos of our trip

The sights and people we saw were very interesting this is an older trailer that someone lives in … rather modest but comfortable
The duck pond was of great interest from our dogs I think they remembered our ducks at the farm
The water at the Salt Springs was very clear and the fish didn’t spook when we took their photo
The camp fire at the RV camp was a social gathering point for the men mostly in the early evening
This is one of the smaller units we saw, a little to small for me I think.
We were at the camp just before St. Patrick’s day celebration and this Irish Lady had her unit decorated for the holiday.
Our dogs were very well behaved and traveled without a problem
This is our RV it served us well even if it was a bit small for two adults, two dogs and two cats.
The sea shore was a treat although while at the beach the weather was a bit chilly

For some reason Pink Flamingos were popular decorations in Florida

This was tent city under a highway in the city of New Orleans
Pretty fountian in a courtyard of a hotel where we met our ride to and from our RV camp in New Orleans

The above photos are all in and around New Orleans LA.

Some pretty birds we saw
I love sail boats and this one was very nice

Samantha after a hard day touring New Orleans

Our pets inside the RV
Some guys having a chin wag at the RV camp
Samantha and our dogs
Shelby looking happy to be on the water
Kay Julia enjoying the evening in the RV

The pavalon at the RV Camp on the Bayou south of Houston

Spencer our littlest dog
Daily chore walking the dogs here we are on the Bayou in Texas


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