Return to Kentucky

Nice trail in the woods in our camp at the state park in Georgia
Our RV and Julia lost in thought or waiting for dinner I don’t know which 🙂

Our rig next to an eighteen wheeler at our night camp in Wal-Mart parking lot GA, the photo below is the Wal-Mart store front

Julia and our dogs after a hard day enjoying our camp site at the state park in Georgia
We have departed Florida and went north on I-75 to Georgia. We stayed at a Georgia State Park for two days and enjoyed the atmosphere of a family camp ground. For most of the stay the weather was cloudy and breezy. The last night we were there we had a camp fire which was fun until the wind came up and caused some problems with the fire so we doused the fire and went to bed. The last day it cleared and was sunny for our departure Sunday morning.
One interesting event was we had dinner at a local restaurant called the Cat Fish House. I had fillets of fish and fried oysters, Samantha had catfish and something else. I loved my oysters and fillets she didn’t like her dinner. While eating I told Samantha I was out of one of my medications and wasn’t feeling well, she got concerned and insisted that we find a drug store right after dinner. So after dinner we headed back to town and found a Rite Aid Pharmacy where the pharmacist went over my medications and found he missing meds, seems they changed my Rx to generic and didn’t tell me so I thought it was for something else. Then I took my pill and felt much relieved.

Sunday we broke camp and 0n our way back to I-75 we stopped at Huddle House for breakfast, I think I ate to much so I asked Samantha to do the driving. We traveled north on 75 right through Atlanta and its traffic on Sunday afternoon and now we are five miles from Tennessee and will dry camp for the night at Wal Mart. Samantha got an email from our house sitter that her Mother had been to flown to the big city hospital in critical condition and that her son was taking care of our place in her absence. We feel we should get moving early in the morning and get back to Kentucky as soon as we safely can.

We arrived back safely in Kentucky and motored right over to the Lee RV Center to talk with Philip Lee about trading our RV for a larger RV. After three weeks in a Class C we were convinced that two adults, two dogs, and two cats need a lot more room to be comfortable. Our old dog a large Labrador needs something easy to get in and out of so we are thinking about a 5th wheel. That will be the subject of the next post.


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