Top Sail State Park Florida

View of condos at the beach in Florida
The famous dunes at Topsail State Park Florida

The beach very nice
We had made reservations for Topsail RV park in Destin Florida and after what seemed a long trip arrived were greeted warmly by the registration staff. We found our sight without any problem and found ourselves surrounded by some very expensive RVs. This didn’t bother us, however I think we might have miffed a few of the owners of the spiffy RVs. Our RV is old, 21 years old and looks it.

The park is a paved road down to the beach and of course dogs are not allowed on the beach so we took turns walking on the beach and taking photos. The weather was colder than we liked and in the mornings and evenings we had to wear our heavy jackets and gloves to stay warm and comfortable. The beach was beautiful and there were trails that wandered around giving one the feeling the place was very large.

On one of our walks we had a nice talk with a couple who owned an old RV and we exchanged our feelings about the park and how having an older RV caused some reaction to the other campers.
They felt they weren’t accepted either, not bothered or treated badly just not as friendly a reception as someone in a nicer RV would get.

We didn’t have WiFi at the park but in talking with another camper found a “Hot Spot” at Panera Bread and Coffee Shop. We spent several afternoons sitting there having coffee and catching up on our email and other chores like paying bills on line. When the technology works it is wonderful when it doesn’t it is a pain in the Pa toot.

The last full day there we went shopping and I, after many stores, found some shorts to wear. I was pleased to find something that fit both my body and my wallet. The following morning we were to leave for Whispering Pines RV park near the Ocala Florida National Forest.


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