New Orleans

French Quarter
French Quarer Iron Work
One of the Grave sites in the Cemetery section of New Orleans
Our RV in the camp located on the old water front New Orleans LA

Julia studying her cell phone for no particular reason while waiting for her lunch at the Gumbo Restaurant French Quarter NOLA

We arrived in New Orleans and followed the online directions to the RV
camp located in the old industrial area on the river. The RV camp was next to a Yacht Repair yard and on a channel leading to the river. Security was good with fencing and a gate operated by a code card or by the office.

Our camp site was located at the end of a row of camp sites and next to the river. Every thing hooked up fine except the electric the 30 amp plug was in use by the neighbor site so I trudged over to the office where they lent me a plug that allowed us to use the 50 amp plug.

When we arrived we signed up for the shuttle to the French Quarter so the next morning we got a lift by the camp van to the Quarter. On the way to the F.Q. we were given a tour of the lower 9th Ward and the upper 9th Ward. Our tour guides were impressed with the work that had been done cleaning up the neighborhoods. I was not impressed at all the work done in the 9th Ward. So much money has been spent and so little done in such a small space, in my mind something is wrong, very wrong the money went somewhere but not in rebuilding the 9th Ward. I thing the Government got ripped off.

The rest of the day we toured the French Quarter and enjoyed the food and the sights and sounds of the Quarter. We also took a ride on the trolley out to the Grave Yards and toured the famous New Orleans graves. Another trolley ride took us back to the quarter where we bought some takeout to bring back to the RV for dinner.

Upon returning to the RV we walked the dogs and prepared dinner something that was supposed to be Cajun but was’t that good. We secured the RV for the storm that was coming and went to bed. Later in the night the storm hit and we were rocking in the wind and rain for several hours. Every once in a while we would be lit up by the lightening. Quite a night to remember and the Old RV held together, yeah 

The next day we hung out at the RV camp and went shopping at a local Super Market located in the 9th Ward area. The Market was nice and clean had a great selection of fresh fish and Cajun specialties. We stocked up on food getting ready to leave the next day for Mississippi and the Casinos.


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