Casinos in Biloxi MS

Fishing fleet
More Casinos

We left New Orleans and got back on I-10 headed east towards the Florida. We got as far as Boloxi Mississippi and pulled in to check out the Casinos. We needed to take the dogs for a walk and headed down the street pass the Casinos and suddenly I realized I needed a bathroom pronto, I left Samantha with the dogs and went into the Casino looking disparately for a restroom. After crossing the length of the Casino I found the restroom sadly not in time  I cleaned up as best I could and returned to the RV to clean myself better and change clothes. I guess I ate something that didn’t agree with my system.

Samantha and I had some confusion about where to meet and it took a while to sort it out she wasn’t well also. We decided to find Wal-Mart and get some medication to help us through the night. After shopping there we decided to stay at the Wal-Mart parking lot. Quite a few Wal-Marts allow RV parking and it is a great convenience.

In the morning we decided to go out for breakfast and we were headed for the Waffle House until I made a wrong turn and we ended up back at the Casinos. Having the Casino facing us we decided to have breakfast there and we enjoyed their breakfast bar and after stuffing our faces tried out their slot machines. Well breakfast became expensive, proving our luck doesn’t extend to gambling. We left the Casino and headed East.

We got to the Pass Christian exit sign and decided to take in the sights. Pass Christian was wiped out during hurricane Katrina. Today it is clean and back in business with lots of new buildings going up and some nice homes being built. The overall impression is one of progress and success much different than the 9th Ward in New Orleans.

We headed East again towards Florida just a few miles away.


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