Is The RV Life For Us?

I guess we got home from the Airport yesterday just in time. This morning we were in the midst of an Ice Storm. Samantha came in and said “that’s it where headed out of here and going some place warm”.

We are Julia and Samantha we have been best buddies for over ten years and live on a small farm in Central KY. Samantha is still working, she works on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico (5 wks on 5 wks off) I am retired from the Federal Gov. We have lived here for almost three years and have decided to sell the farm and move some where else more comfortable for two old gals.

I just bought an old RV, a 1987 Coachman Class C with 44k miles. I bought it as a learning vehicle to make sure this life style is something we want to pursue and not a flash in the pan idea. This RV has a very uneconomical 460 engine and weighs thousands of pounds and get about seven miles to the gallon of gas. I have had my thrill of filling the tank a couple of times now and it is still a bit of a shock. Oh well it is only money, ya right.

So it looks as though we are going to go on our first trip starting Saturday. Oh boy this ought to be interesting. We are taking out pets with us two dogs and two cats. The dogs will be O.K. with the RV they have ridden in it and seem comfortable. The cats I am not to sure about they can be a bit shall we say terrified with being in a moving vehicle, they will add spice to the adventure.

We spent the day packing for the trip and discussing what to bring and not bring along. I am sure we are bringing stuff we don’t need and leaving stuff we do need, well there is always Wal-Mart.

Tomorrow we have some loose ends to tie up in town, shopping for the trip, bank, etc. Hopefully all will be well and we can leave on Saturday. I hope we don’t look like the grapes of wrath as we head out to Texas. Yes we are headed to Texas, Livingston Texas, hopefully we will make it there and back safely.