New Header Photo

I got this photo off the web when I get my own photos I’ll replace this one. This what the Ambassador looks like when it is in good shape. Mine will need a lot of work to get it to this shape. Getting anxious to get it home and get it cleaned up and ready for painting and repair.

I have an RV again :-)

I just bought an Airstream a 1969, 29′, Ambassador, a friend told me about it a few weeks ago and I went and looked at it. The poor thing has been sitting in the desert alone for a few years and needs lots of TLC. I don’t have any photos I can share yet, as soon as I do I’ll post them.

I plan to use this trailer as a Guest House so she won’t be hitting the road after she gets to my house. I’ll clean her up and paint her inside and wash it outside then remove the shag carpet put down some laminate flooring, repair and replace where needed and I’ll build a roof over it to protected the trailer from the desert Sun. I’ll also skirt the trailer and replace some appliances. I want my guests to be happy in my Guest House.

I’m excited to have a new project to work on 🙂



For a few days now I have been thinking about RVs. I don’t know where that comes from as I have a lovely home here in Mexico. Yet, there it is, I’m reading about RVs for sale and reading RV blogs again. This may pass and I’ll return to my normal state of mind. Until then I’ll enjoy fantasizing about owning an RV again. Maybe I’ll look for a small RV to travel around in from time to time.

She is gone

Some thoughtsMy rig that is, it is sold someone else has her now and I wish them well. I don’t miss her even though I spent a lot of time in her traveling and living. It is done, over, time to move on to other things and other places. I’m enjoying myself here in Mexico even though it is HOT and HUMID still I find things to do and people to enjoy. Life is good 🙂

The dog “Shelby” is gone too. I miss her more than the Rig. The cat PIA is gone too. I miss her she was a great kitty.


Pia Cat checking out the view she is a wonderful kitty very loving

Pia Cat checking out the view she is a wonderful kitty very loving

RV Sale

I have been told that there is a buyer for my RV we are waiting for them to close the deal. There are a few small repairs to be done to make it happen, then there is their visit to the bank. I may have a check by the end of the week that’s when this chapter comes to an end.

All things come to an end

I put my RV up for sale today. I took it to a consignment lot here in Tucson and they will sell it for me. So this will be the end of my RV life. I thought I would be sad to see it go, but I’m not. The RV has cost me lots of money lately and I’m not getting any use out of it so it is time to sell it. I had fun while it lasted now on to other things.

Update on RV

I have had some issues with my RV. A few months ago I was at the local gas station here in San Felipe waiting for the truck in front of me to pull away from the fuel pump when it rolled back into my RV breaking the passenger side windshield and denting the front of the RV under the windshield. I was very upset and had a rather strong conversation with the owner of the truck. To say the least I was upset.

I had to order a replacement windshield but it was going to be delivered in Phoenix AZ. That is a long drive to Phoenix. I managed to do that when I got back to the states. I also needed a brake job for the RV and got several quotes all were very high. I chose Carl’s RV in Tucson to do the job their estimate was the most reasonable. They looked into getting someone to replace the windshield but those they talked to wouldn’t do the job because of the damage under the windshield. I talked to my mechanic in San Felipe and he was confident that he could find someone to install and repair the damage.

Upon my return to San Felipe I got in touch with my mechanic and true to his word he found a body repairman who came out to my place took one look at the damage and said confidently that he could fix and install the new windshield. My mechanic and I took the RV over to this man’s shop about eleven o’clock in the morning. The next day I drove past the shop and my RV was done! In a few hours maybe four they fixed the dent and installed the windshield and it looks great. They even fixed the bent windshield wiper. How much did this very quick and competent repair cost? About $120.00 ! I love Mexico! I also had my battery cable connectors replaced with new soldered ones to improve connectivity cost $30.00, that is with the mechanic coming to my house picking up the RV and bringing it back to my house! Did I say I love Mexico? 🙂

Something is on my mind

English: Wine grapes from the Guadalupe Valley...

English: Wine grapes from the Guadalupe Valley in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Español: Uvas para vino del Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, México. Français : Grappe de raisins de cuve dans la Guadalupe Valley. Municipalité d’Ensenada, Basse-Californie, Mexique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ensenada, Mexico at night

Ensenada, Mexico at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am thinking of downsizing or completely selling off my RV rig. I don’t seem to have the same level of intensity to travel as much. I’m comfortable here in Mexico and have friends and a social life for one of the few times in my life. I would like to see more of Mexico, but even doing that I would prefer a more sedate and comfortable mode of travel. Driving large distances finding a place to park and then doing it again in a few days has lost its appeal. Of course I may change my mind tomorrow, but that is how I feel this evening. I have thought of getting a smaller rig like a camper van to do shorter trips in then I would be able to use the van for non-camping trips too. I haven’t found anything yet to switch to, but who knows what may happen? There is a little bit of serendipity yet to this old lady’s life so stay tuned as they say.

I am planning on visiting the Ensenada area next weekend for the first time. Ensenada is on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja peninsular and both north and south of there are many communities that interest me. The summers are cooler there than in San Felipe and some folks leave here during the summer and rent a place there to be more comfortable. I’m hoping to see for myself what it is like in that area. There is a valley there called the Guadalupe Valley where there are many vineyards and wineries-every year there is a Winery tour that takes several days, sounds interesting.

Life has been good lately and I’m grateful for it.