What I would like for my trailer to look like


Right now the trailer is a mess mostly just needs deep cleaning and then there are the repairs to get everything working again some things will have to be replaced do to age.



This is what I would like my  trailer to look like


New Header Photo

I got this photo off the web when I get my own photos I’ll replace this one. This what the Ambassador looks like when it is in good shape. Mine will need a lot of work to get it to this shape. Getting anxious to get it home and get it cleaned up and ready for painting and repair.

I have an RV again :-)

I just bought an Airstream a 1969, 29′, Ambassador, a friend told me about it a few weeks ago and I went and looked at it. The poor thing has been sitting in the desert alone for a few years and needs lots of TLC. I don’t have any photos I can share yet, as soon as I do I’ll post them.

I plan to use this trailer as a Guest House so she won’t be hitting the road after she gets to my house. I’ll clean her up and paint her inside and wash it outside then remove the shag carpet put down some laminate flooring, repair and replace where needed and I’ll build a roof over it to protected the trailer from the desert Sun. I’ll also skirt the trailer and replace some appliances. I want my guests to be happy in my Guest House.

I’m excited to have a new project to work on 🙂



For a few days now I have been thinking about RVs. I don’t know where that comes from as I have a lovely home here in Mexico. Yet, there it is, I’m reading about RVs for sale and reading RV blogs again. This may pass and I’ll return to my normal state of mind. Until then I’ll enjoy fantasizing about owning an RV again. Maybe I’ll look for a small RV to travel around in from time to time.

She is gone

Some thoughtsMy rig that is, it is sold someone else has her now and I wish them well. I don’t miss her even though I spent a lot of time in her traveling and living. It is done, over, time to move on to other things and other places. I’m enjoying myself here in Mexico even though it is HOT and HUMID still I find things to do and people to enjoy. Life is good 🙂

The dog “Shelby” is gone too. I miss her more than the Rig. The cat PIA is gone too. I miss her she was a great kitty.


Pia Cat checking out the view she is a wonderful kitty very loving

Pia Cat checking out the view she is a wonderful kitty very loving

RV Sale

I have been told that there is a buyer for my RV we are waiting for them to close the deal. There are a few small repairs to be done to make it happen, then there is their visit to the bank. I may have a check by the end of the week that’s when this chapter comes to an end.

All things come to an end

I put my RV up for sale today. I took it to a consignment lot here in Tucson and they will sell it for me. So this will be the end of my RV life. I thought I would be sad to see it go, but I’m not. The RV has cost me lots of money lately and I’m not getting any use out of it so it is time to sell it. I had fun while it lasted now on to other things.